Brooklyn's Best, In Your Kitchen 

unique meal kits featuring the borough's best Restaurants and chefs. This is what community tastes like. 

How It Works

Prepare signature meals from your favorite restaurants in under 30 minutes. Portioned ingredients, prepped sauces and ready-to-heat proteins mean fast, restaurant-quality meals in the comfort of your own kitchen!

1. Pre-Order your meal kit

Explore meal kits by Brooklyn restaurants in our marketplace. A portion of each purchase funds a grocery kit to a Brooklyn family in need

2. Choose your delivery window

Order by Thursday 2pm for Sunday delivery. At checkout, indicate your preferred time slot(s) and we'll confirm an estimated delivery window by Friday. 

3. Receive your kit and feast!
Once your kit is delivered, make sure to refrigerate its contents immediately! Prepare and enjoy within three days. Don't forget to let us know how it tastes @1to1foods!

Dine In Like You're Going Out.

Featured meal kits

Jianbing Company
Berliner Döner Kebab
Kotti Berliner Doner Kebab

One For You, One For Brooklyn

Serving our Community

Every purchase you make helps fund our ongoing food relief program. With your help, we send weekly grocery kits to food-insecure families across Brooklyn and beyond.

Supporting small business

Popular food delivery services charge predatory fees that often harm small food businesses. At 1:1 Foods, we make sure that more of your dollars go towards supporting our restaurants and their staff. 

Exploring our Borough

We celebrate Brooklyn's cultural diversity and the many unique culinary traditions that set it apart. With our meal kits, you can dive in without ever leaving your home! 

  • Our Mission
  • Our Food Partners
  • Our Team

Our food system is unjust and broken. With millions of New Yorkers facing food insecurity, 1:1 Foods is rethinking the way we feed ourselves and the community. 

  Photos courtesy of Ashley Sears

We partner with Brooklyn's talented chefs and restaurants to bring their signature creations to your kitchen. Help us support them and preserve the borough we love. 

We are a team of entrepreneurs, cooks, journalists and creatives from different countries, careers and communities. But we are very much the same when it comes to our love of food, our borough, its people and its culture. 


Where's my meal kit coming from?

We work directly with our restaurant partners to produce the meal kits we sell. Many of our meal kits are produced in our partners' kitchens; others we produce in-house in our 1:1 Foods commercial kitchen. In all cases, our meal kits are produced in licensed, DOH-inspected commercial kitchens.

Where does the revenue from my purchase go?

If you purchase a kit produced by a partner restaurant, the lion's share goes to the restaurant (which is exactly how it should be!). If you purchase a kit 1:1 Foods fulfills in-house, we use that revenue to fund our operations, including the administration of our city-wide emergency food relief program.

How does your food relief program work?
Working with a host of community based organizations, we identify folks directly impacted by the pandemic and support them with weekly grocery bag deliveries. We prioritize reaching populations often overlooked by traditional support systems, including immigrant food workers, domestic workers and LGBTQ+ folx of color.

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