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Hooray! Your 1:1 Foods Holiday Collection is Here!

This holiday season, we curated this special gift box to celebrate and support local food businesses and to fuel our ongoing food relief work in Brooklyn and throughout the city. Every goodie you find inside your box was crafted with love by our small 1:1 Foods team and by our local partners: The Pixie and The Scout, Eleven36, HAEMA, and ARV Sweets. Below you'll find all the info you need on everything in your box!

In your box: Merch

Midnight Snack, Volume 1

1:1 Foods

Our inaugural "cookzine", with special family recipes, intros to our team, and interviews with local food change-makers!

Design by Nat Belkov

Cover by Duncan Conway

Content by Victoria Yan

Limited Edition Tote

1:1 Foods

This tote is guaranteed to make everyone at your local farmers market very jealous. 

Design by Nat Belkov

In your box: Jars

XO Sauce


HAEMA's version of XO, a seafood-based condiment originally from Hong Kong, delivers tons of umami and the perfect quiver of heat. Use it to take your stir fry game to the next level or dollop it on rice, eggs, noodles, roasted veggies.

Allergens: shellfish, soy

Refrigerate after opening. Maintain a layer of oil on top to extend shelf life.

Shallot Relish

1:1 Foods

The 1:1 Foods take on a classic condiment -- caramelized onion jam. An unctuous, savory relish you can put on just about anything (think breakfast toast, your fav cheese, or roasted game/fowl)!

Allergens: none

Refrigerate upon receipt. Consume within 2-3 weeks.

In your box: Treats

Dark Chocolate Bark with Marcona Almonds & Sel Gris


Luscious handmade dark chocolate bark with sea salt and macadamia nuts. Break off a corner for the perfect sweet-bitter morsel day or night.

Allergens: nuts

Dairy-free & Gluten-free!

Brownie Bites

ARV Sweets

Indulgent holiday brownie bites with a hint of spice! Made with ARV Sweets' specialty Mexican Brownie recipe. 

Allergens: gluten, dairy

GF Flatbread Crackers with Sea Salt & Olive Oil

The Pixie and the Scout

Gluten-free, small batch, entirely snack-able. Pair with your favorite soft cheese and a dollop of our Shallot Relish! 

Allergens: none


Ginger Molasses Cookies

1:1 Foods

Our take on the classic ginger and molasses holiday cookie. Thin, soft and chewy, with plenty of ginger kick!

Allergens: gluten

Meet The People!

The Pixie & The Scout

Photo by Ashley Sears


Photo by Corey Jermaine


Photo by Rysz + Rysz

ARV Sweets

Photo by ARV Sweets

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