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1:1 Foods x UnionDocs Presents: Documentary & Dining

Supporting our Friends at Union Docs Over the summer we teamed up with our friends at UnionDocs  -- a documentary arts center in Williamsburg to make food for their outdoor screening fundraiser series.  Since 2005, UNDO has supported both local and international documentary artists, journalists, and makers in creating thoughtful, provocative, and engaging work. Proceeds of the events will go directly towards keeping UNDO’s programming alive and running.   1:1 Foods’ mission is centered on supporting local families and food-businesses integral to the fabric of our city. While this partnership might seem a little out of the norm, UNDO’s longstanding commitment and contributions to Brooklyn are at the heart of we’re trying preserve amidst this pandemic. Aug 19 & 20In The Company of...

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Announcing our partnership with FIG!

maximizing the impact our 1:1 donation program FIG member Erin Barnhart sorting through produce donations / Ashely Sears As a grassroots collective of NYC hospitality and food workers, FIG has historically functioned as a working group developing concrete strategies to address the interlocking issues of environmental sustainability, racial equity, and economic justice in New York’s food and hospitality industries.   Since the beginning of NYC's shutdown, FIG has mobilized its network to create a food relief operation focused on redistributing resources and organized in the spirit of mutual aid. Over the past half-year, FIG has served over 100 families weekly supplying grocery kits with high-quality produce, grains, meats and prepared foods.  At 1:1 Foods, we've spent a lot of time thinking...

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Celebrating four months

1:1 Foods has evolved so much since the initial idea for the project sparked early spring. We’re fired up, deeply determined and driven by our mission to support Brooklyn’s food-insecure families and small food businesses. To celebrate our first few months, we’re revisiting our major achievements.  built an amazing team! We’re small but mighty (and growing)!  All of us, except for Victoria, our unicorn, have long worked in NYC’s food industry. Some of us are old friends, some of us are former colleagues and some of us are new friends. What binds us is our deep desire to use our expertise, resources and networks to tackle Brooklyn’s food insecurity and support its small culinary businesses. Meet all of us here!...

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Launching during a pandemic

1:1 Foods was established in early May 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As hospitality professionals, we were compelled to develop a response to two overwhelming issues we saw unfolding as a result of coronavirus: the dramatic exacerbation of food insecurity in our community, and the existential threat faced by the local food businesses that comprise the culinary and cultural fabric of our borough. Over a million individuals in New York City faced food insecurity before the onset of the virus. Now, with mass layoffs, permanent restaurant closures, and wage cuts from COVID-19, it is clear those numbers have skyrocketed. Though many emergency food programs have extended operating hours and increased their distribution volume, they’re still unable to meet the ever-increasing demand. In response...

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1 : 1 Foods x CFL Food Pantry

  We’re elated to announce our first community based organization (CBO) partnership with the CFL food pantry in Sunset Park. With this partnership in place, we’ll be able to reach hundreds of families local to Sunset Park and its surrounding neighborhoods.   The CFL is a wraparound social service organization that has worked to support families in Sunset Park for over 40 years. It provides a broad range of services to empower the community including: -Immigration services -Family counseling -After school programs  -Worker Coop Program educating individuals on tax preparation and finances, -Community Services Program, connecting people to an array of government benefits in times of need The pantry has served the neighborhood for over three decades and is an entry...

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